Dogs With Heart

Changing the Lives of Suffering Village Dogs with Elephant-Sized Love

Our animal-related service is primarily focused on elephants, yet it is impossible to turn away from the dogs living in pain and suffering in the rural villages and farms where we work resolving Human-Elephant Conflict. Many of the dogs have no home at all, but even if they have a human family, their suffering due to mange, tick fever, and rabies is common as most people simply do not have the means to get them the medical care they need.  But with love, food, and veterinary intervention, these dogs, and the people around them, can live much happier, healthier lives.

Although it stretches our funding, we know you would feel the call to help as well if you witnessed the fear and pain in their eyes before they receive the help they need. To see so many innocent animals intensely suffering, and then to witness the incredible changes that occur with basic medicine and nutrition is worth every bit of effort.

In 2015 we began sharing Humane Education in the villages we work in throughout Thailand and Sri Lanka, offering children kinder ways to interact with pets and strays. The following year we began adding hands-on help to both the village family animals and the homeless street dogs, virtually all of whom were in need of medication, de-sexing, or food and shelter.

We are committed to doing our best to treat every dog we can reach, and over and over again we’ve witnessed the power to change a helpless animal’s life through a little medicine and a lot of love. There are so many that need our help, and your support in any amount can immediately change lives.

We’re dreaming about the day we can create a proper mobile outreach clinic for the desperate needs of these small animals, whose suffering often gets lost in the encompassing needs of the people and their struggle to thrive alongside wild elephants. For now, we bring medication and food along with us no matter where we are headed, for around every bend (whether we are on our way to school for a day of Humane Education or out to the distant farms continuing HumanElephant Conflict Resolution), there are always dogs imploring someone to stop and help. In villages where the needs of the rural farmers and elephants loom large, we knew we could not turn away from the smaller innocents who need our help. Sometimes Elephant Love is more about the size of the love (big!), than about the size of the animal that it serves.

Help Share the Love

Education, Empathy, and Outreach — all together they can create positive change for animals large and small, and for the people that live among them. Thank you for helping us help them.