~Dogs With Heart~

 Changing the Lives of Suffering Street Dogs


Our animal-related service has primarily focused on elephants, yet it has proven impossible to turn away from the thousands of dogs living in pain in the rural villages,  struggling to survive around every bend. Many of the street dogs have no home at all, but even those with a human family suffer from mange, tick fever, parvo, injuries, and malnutrition.  The majority of subsistence farmers do their best to care for their dogs, but simply do not have the means to get them the medical care they need.  But with sustainable intervention, these dogs, and the people around them, can live much happier, healthier lives.

Although it stretches our funding to the limit, we know you too would feel the call to help if you witnessed the fear and pain in their eyes before they receive the help they desperately need. When that help is given, the  changes we’ve witnessed are astounding, and renews our promise to never turn away, to always find a way to help, no matter the cost.

It’s incredible to see the healing that happens, even working in rough conditions with limited supplies.  When villagers witness the impact of a few systematic changes (and receive the support to enable those changes to occur),  lives are truly changed forever, dogs and humans alike. This wee pup was attacked by a wild Fishing Cat, and his human walked him to us carried in her arms, down long dirt roads in the blazing jungle sun, day after day. We can tell you that Little Fisher Pup wasn’t the only one healed as the weeks went by

We admit that it’s easy to harshly judge when a dog looking like this fellow below shows up.  And yet, his family DOES love him, and also walked a long way in the summer heat and cross-monsoon for 3 clinics in a row, to get the help they wanted but could not access or afford.

Look at him now, happy, healed, and healthy! THIS is just one example of what your support of Dogs With Heart is doing! But it doesn’t stop there. When the villagers witnessed what seemed like a miracle, they came pouring out of their homes, bringing their dogs, their puppies, and even their cats, traveling on foot, by pedal bike, or even by tractor, waiting patiently, sometimes for hours in the jungle heat, to help their animals get well.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us help them create a kinder world…


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Education, Empathy, and Outreach — all together they can create positive change for animals large and small, and for the people that live among them.