Projects and Campaigns

Our newest projects are the culmination of years of learning about the issues from diverse points of view, developing relationships with individuals and other nonprofits who can help create a better world for elephants and people, and putting ourselves out there working in the field to initiate change from the ground up.

We believe the power of Compassionate Action can shift decades of Human Elephant Conflict into a kinder future of Human Elephant Coexistence by inspiring each one of us Let What Moves You Move the World!

HoneyBees and Orange Trees 


We are buzzing with excitement over our brand new project “HoneyBees and Orange Trees”, or, you guessed it, “HOT!”  We’re busily putting all the pieces together for our most comprehensive project to date, combining honey bees, orange trees, and a host of other support systems, to help keep elephant families alive and help human families thrive!

When wild elephants raid farmers’ subsistence crops, aggression rises quickly with both elephants and people  feeling like they have no choice but to attack.  Every month endangered elephants and village families get killed in the conflict.

We help help rural impoverished families live in peace amidst wild elephants by protecting their subsistence rice crops while creating new sources of income by planting elephant-deterring citrus trees and building boxes for honey-producing bees.  This, in turn, helps endangered elephants stay alive and out of harm’s way, raising their own families in peace by keeping them outside of a villager’s crops and inside the National Park boundaries.


Our newest Humane Tourism campaign has launched!

It’s up to each one of us to change what we ask for, to have a bucket list that is no longer based in cruelty, but one borne of compassion.  Spreading awareness, educating fellow travelers, and inspiring family and friends to take Compassionate Action for Elephants will create a better world–for the elephants in captivity, for their caregivers, and for those still living in the wild.  JOIN THE CAMPAIGN, SHARE YOUR MESSAGE, BE A VOICE FOR ELEPHANTS!  

The Elephant Love Project

Bringing Elephant Love to schools and communities through art, story, and play.

For Heart of Ganesh, the elephants moved us from the start. But we share with children that whatever moves them— from orangutans to whales to the animals in their neighborhood—whatever lights them up can help tip the world in favor of compassion, and that their rising up for something changes everything. Empowering each child to Let What Moves You Move the World is the message trumpeted by Elephant Love.

Elephant Love is played around the world, from rural village to suburban neighborhoods to bustling cities.  And in the poorest communities in SE Asia where we work helping to resolve Human Elephant Conflict,  each child connect with in every village we work in receives a game of their own.  For some of these kids, it’s the only thing they’ve ever had of their very own–now that is some Elephant-Sized Love!  Check out the fun here! 

2 Million Letters for Ganga

The long fight for Ganga continues…

The day we met Ganga, all alone and rocking on her chains on the brick floor of popular temple, we knew the fight for her better treatment would be long but we also knew we could never turn away.  As difficult as we knew it would be, we could not have imagined the ups, downs, and turnarounds involved in changing minds and opening hearts to her plight.

2 Million Letters for Ganga is not a fundraising campaign, and not “the” answer to change. It’s not even only about Ganga! Instead, we reach out and initiate open-minded, non-combative conversations concerning the basic rights and humane treatment for all captive elephants. Together with volunteers around the world, we get people talking, thinking, and then taking action for what is possible when we take a stand for what’s right.

In February of 2016 her case finally moved into the the judicial system, and we’ve adjusted the campaign to accommodate the regular, diverse Calls to Action for emailing, calling, and letter writing in support and collaboration of  Legal Counsel from the Centre for Eco-Cultural Studies.

When the voices of Compassionate Action become more prominent than the voices of dissent,  together we’ll have created a better world not just for Ganga, but for each one of us as well.

Elephant Entertainment


From peaceful circus protests to presentations at public libraries, from offering talks at community centers to testifying at city council meetings about what is condoned or condemned, we work to have real conversations with people to inspire change in lives of elephants used for entertainment.

We can “rally for” or we can “fight against”, and being “for” something dissolves some of the most ragged edges of any topic of disagreement.  It’s a slow journey toward change, but positive change is happening!  We continue to work for this change by calmly and consistently sharing the truth about the reality of how elephants suffer in every circus and in many zoos.  In the USA we speak with zoo Boards, testify at City Council meetings, speak at Captive Elephant Forums and lead peaceful circus protests.  In SE Asia we strive to educate tourists attending circus shows about the reality of what they’re supporting when they buy that ticket.  Simply put, we empower people to make compassionate choices for the well-being of elephants around the world!

A few of Our Previous Projects

We’ve collaborated with other nonprofits to generate awareness about the escalating Human Elephant conflict, creating better options to help people stay safe and allow elephants to simply be elephants.


Human Elephant Conflict Field Guide

These multi-lingual safety guides help communities living with elephants co-exist peacefully and compassionately by learning how to negotiate living in close quarters. Partnering with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, we printed 2000 Human Elephant Conflict Field Guides in 3 different languages, getting them in to the hands of those that needed them most.


Project Orange Elephant

Supporting the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society’s ground-breaking “Project Orange Elephant” ended up inspiring much of our future work.  We are thrilled that the majority of the 18 families we supplied trees to through SLWCS are thriving, and we remain a steadfast supporter of SLWCS and continue to collaborate with them and their extraordinary field team.  Read what “One Green Planet” wrote about our collaboration with Project Orange Elephant