Donate today and help create a kinder world, turning a history of conflict into a future of coexistence.

secureSiteLogoWe’re a registered 501 (C)(3) Nonprofit charitable organization, where your contribution helps create a more compassionate world.

Below are several Secure Site online options for you to donate with ease. If you prefer to send a check, you may mail it to our home office:  Heart of Ganesh, ATTN VP: Debra Veach White, 102 West 31st Street, Vancouver, WA, 98660.

Donate online with confidence knowing your information is processed through our Certified Secure Server.  Every donation counts, tremendously, and we thank you deeply for reaching into your pocket to reach out and make a difference.


Sustaining Membership via PayPal

Joining as a Sustaining Circle Member is one of the best ways to support our work.

Join at a level that fits your budget, knowing that every month you are creating a better world for elephants, for people, for dogs, and for the habitat they share.  Your monthly donation via PayPal changes lives—not someday, somewhere down the road, but right now, in real time, in real life.

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MailingListIconQuick Contribution via Stripe

If you prefer, “Stripe” is another option for either Sustaining Circle Membership, or to make a “one-off” individual donation. “Stripe” offers you a fast, easy, and secure donation process to help change a history of conflict into a future of coexistence for elephants and people around the world! 



Creative FUN-raising Changes Lives Around the World! 

Our supporters have the biggest hearts, and we literally couldn’t do this without them! Here are some of the ways Donors to the Heart have creatively raised funds to help elephants and people around the world:  “Donating” a birthday in lieu of gifts; Skating a marathon with each mile raising funds; Holding workshops and classes with proceeds sent to the Heart; Auctioning original art/photography/music, and sharing dinners, wine parties or book clubs with attendees donating what they might spend on a “night out” are just some of the ways supporters have helped us conserve what is too precious to be lost.  Friends raising Funds while having Fun, now that’s  Compassionate Action!

Honorary Contribution

You can also make a donation in someone’s name, for any reason, at any time! This is truly an offering that continues to give, long after your gift to them and donation to the elephants has been made! The recipient of your Honorary Contribution will receive a beautiful, original card, letting them know the good news!


 We want to make donating easy for you, so please, if you have any questions at all, email our Founder and President:

THANK YOU for creating a kinder world for elephants and people around the globe!