Thank you so much for reaching out! Please be patient if we don’t respond in “Western Time”. We are a small, grassroots organization working hands-on in small villages year-round, and we aren’t always in range of instant communication.

But we will respond the moment we can, and you can usually reach us on WhatsApp at 94 070 398 2141, or by giving us a shout via email: Hey Sundari SitaRam!

We are dedicated to co-creating a world where Compassionate Action leads the way, where working together exponentially creates greater good than working alone.  We couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to!

~Thank You from the Heart~

Everything we do is about relationships. For example, relationships between keeping wild elephants in their wild homes and keeping rural children safe in their village homes.  Or between the health of street dogs and the treatment of family dogs, everything is connected! The most important relationship we work with however, is the one between conflict and coexistence, and how to reduce one and grow the other. We are committed to creating a kinder world by fostering relationships through Compassionate Action, and we are so glad you’re with us!