Say Hello!

Thank you for reaching out! Please be patient if we don’t respond in “Western Time”. We are a small, grassroots organization working hands-on in small villages year-round, and although we get a lot done, we aren’t always in range of quick communication.

Yep, there are still places left in the world where not everything is instantaneous, but we really do want to connect with you while we’re working in the wilds! You can usually reach us on WhatsApp at 94 070 398 2141, or by giving us a shout via email, Hey Sundari SitaRam!

Our hearts are set on co-creating a world where Compassionate Action leads the way, where working together exponentially creates greater good than working alone.  Our dedication and devotion-in-action is to turn a complex history of conflict into an evolving future of coexistence. We couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to! Thank you for your loving support as you Let What Moves You Move the World!

Thank You from the Heart!