Thank you so much for reaching out! Please be patient if we don’t respond in “Western Time”. We are a small, grassroots organization working hands-on in small villages year-round, and we aren’t always in range of instant communication.  And not to sound like a cliche, but you matter to us and we will respond the moment we can. You can usually reach us on WhatsApp at 94 070 398 2141, or by giving us a shout via email: Hey Sundari SitaRam!

If you would like to follow just a little bit of Heart of Ganesh founder and “in the field/hands on all the time” Sundari’s personal journey overseas, you can “friend request” her here on Facebook. She’s usually in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, or Thailand, and before the coup (and the pandemic) hit, Myanmar.  Sadly Myanmar will not be an option for a long time to come now, but hopefully the other countries will reopen before 2022.  Since the pandemic struck, Sundari has been in Thailand (although she was on her way to Sumatra, but international pandemics have a way of re-routing where you’re headed!).  Current plans are to travel first back to Sri Lanka once it is possible, and appropriate, to return to a small, rural village from afar.  For now, the work is different, but it continues, in Thailand.

Although we do our best, for various (sometimes complicated) reasons, we are not steadily posting on social media, but you can find us a bit on Facebook and Instagram (here and here).  But mostly we like to connect with you one-on-one (we’re that kind of old-school charity, where personal relationships mean everything!), so zip us that email or WhatsApp message if you ever have questions, comments, or simply want to connect.

Believe in the goodness of people and the power of compassionate action.
Heart of Ganesh was originally created in response to the plight of captive and wild elephants throughout Asia and their relentless suffering as witnessed by Sundari in 2013. However it didn’t take long for the circle of Compassionate Action to widen upon recognizing the lack of options available to the impoverished families of subsistence farmers living among wild elephants, and the ever-present, often forsaken street dogs which are in every country.  Now, we serve them all.

We are dedicated to co-creating a world where Community Focused Compassionate Action leads the way, where working together exponentially creates greater good than working alone.  We couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to!  We believe…

Everything we do is about relationships. For example, relationships between keeping endangered wild elephants in their wild homes and keeping rural children safe in their village homes.  Or between the health of street dogs and the treatment of family dogs, and the importance of humane treatment for captive elephants and the right for all sentient beings to be free from cruelty. Everything is connected! The most important relationship we work with is between conflict and coexistence, and how to reduce one and grow the other.   “Let What Moves You Move the World” is our motto, and we are so glad you are with us.  Together, a kinder world is possible.