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Heart of Ganesh Mission

We positively impact the welfare of Asia’s captive elephants, while helping turn conflict into coexistence for wild elephants and the street dogs and villagers living among them.

Education Projects

Humane Tourism Education

  • Expand awareness about elephants used in tourism in Asia
  • Initiate positive change for elephants held in temples
  • Campaign for the “Five Freedoms for Animals in Captivity”
Ganga, Prisoner of Gangaramaya Temple

Ganga, Prisoner of Gangaramaya Temple The Story of Ganga, from Present to Past January 28th, 2022The fight continues, although not in the public eye. The cronies (utterly corrupt and cruel…


If you love elephants, taking certain "elephant experiences" off of your Bucket List can help change the future for the thousands of elephants kept in captivity in Asia.  Captive elephants…

Village School Support

  • Supplies for schools in Wild Elephant Corridors in Asia
  • Expanding our school library in the elephant lands of Cambodia
  • Updating books and art supplies to HEC villages in rural Sri Lanka

Mobile Libraries Bringing Books to Children Living in the Middle of Human-Elephant Conflict In small villages of SE Asia, subsistence farmers and their children have extremely limited access to books,…

Elephants Can’t Read

Since elephants can't read, why did we build a library in rural Cambodia? How does that help elephants? When you want to help wild elephants, helping the children that reside…

Empowerment Projects

Help Subsistence Farmers Conserve Wild Elephant Populations

  • Rewilding with native Butterflies and Bees
  • Replanting with elephant-resistant crops
  • Rebuilding with elephant-alert lights
HoneyBees and Orange Trees

IT GOT HOT! Honeybees and Orange Trees (HOT) was a trial project implemented in 2014 and concluded in 2018, exploring the benefits to farmers and elephants through the combination of…

HEC Field Guides

When Elephants are Your Neighbors: HEC Field Guides in 3 Languages for 1 Country Created by the SLWCS to help rural Sri Lankan's negotiate living in close quarters with wild elephants, we…

Rewilding with Butterflies and Bees!

ReWilding with Butterflies and Bees In our earliest HG/SLWCS collaborative pilot project "HoneyBees and Orange Trees", together we planted 620 trees and installed 8 bee colonies with over 100,00 bees…

The Elephant Love Project

Education, Empowerment, Options Helping wild elephants live out of harm's way requires helping families who live near them gain access to the tools that can create positive change. Sometimes this…


Helping Individuals in Villages Expand their Capacity to Help One Another

  • Reinforce reciprocity of compassion through education
  • Strengthen abilities to support fellow villagers most in need
  • Acquire and properly utilize resources to care for Street and Native Dogs
Service from the Heart

Social Service for the Most Vulnerable "Service from the Heart" was born in Sri Lanka after befriending  Isuru.  He and his mother lived alone in a hot and dark brick…

Dogs with Heart

Changing the Lives of Suffering Street Dogs Many millions of Street Dogs in Asia struggle through their entire lives without even the most basic care.  In addition to starvation, painful…

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