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Social Service for the Most Vulnerable

“Service from the Heart” was born in Sri Lanka after befriending  Isuru.  He and his mother lived alone in a hot and dark brick house, and although he could not move or talk or eat by himself, he sure could smile. We knew right when we met them that we could not turn away, and started immediately fundraising for a wheelchair, household items, and 3 months of food in bulk.  And because of one little boy’s smile and his uncomplaining angel of a mother, Service With Heart was born!

In 2021, Isuru passed away at 16 years of age.  His smile continues to inspire every Social Service project of the heart, and in his memory we seek to ease what suffering we can, whenever and wherever possible.

We extended our reach to help the most vulnerable people living near wild elephants in central Sri Lanka.

In the same village where Isuru lives, we brought donated clothing, school supplies, and household goods to over 150 people. Then the government GS of the village asked if we could help supply food to hungry families just in time for Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese New Year, and just like Isuru introduced us to more people in need of Service from the Heart.

When the pandemic began we were in Thailand, where Service With Heart assisted with food drops for the Stateless Burmese down south who were unemployed overnight. Months later when the military coup began, we moved north near the Thai/Burma border where we were brought over 600 blankets for those still reeling from the pandemic and now enduring military uprising.

Bringing food to families in need doesn’t have to be for a lifetime. Oftentimes families in transition just need a little help to get through a rough patch, and once on their feet again that help can be directed to another family. Food fills not just the belly, but the heart as well.

We met this little girl a week after her father was killed as he attempted to save his rice from a hungry elephant. Sometimes a little extra help can make all the difference in the world, and then she can go make a difference in the world too.

Once again your support continues to change lives through Service with Heart, creating a ripple effect of Compassionate Action. Thank you for standing with us as we come together to do what we can, wherever we are, to help create a kinder world.


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