Service from the Heart

A Need-Based Outreach Project for the Most Vulnerable Villagers

Thanks to enthusiastic support from our amazing donors, we implemented a new project in 2019, committed to helping the most vulnerable people living near wild elephants in rural villages of central Sri Lanka. This Passion Project first began when a kind monk introduced us to a young boy named Isuru…

Isuru and his mother are quite extraordinary. They live alone in a hot and dark brick house after Isuru’s father passed away, and although Isuru cannot walk or talk or sit up or eat by himself, he sure can smile and laugh, and when you visit him his eyes will follow you everywhere, telling you all sorts of stories until you learn how to follow the thread. His mother has every reason in the world to complain about how hard life is, yet she smiles lovingly instead.  We knew right when we met them that we could not turn away, and started immediately fundraising for a wheelchair, a mattress, a fan, a radio, and 3 months of food in bulk. Just like that, Service With Heart was born, and every month is growing in sustainable outreach to additional people in need.

In the same village where Isuru lives, we brought clothing, school uniforms, baby items and kitchen goods to over 150 people, along with a mattress and ongoing deliveries of food to a blind older woman living all alone off the edge of a water tank.  And then in April we dug deep and raised 75,000LKR to work alongside the local government GS of the village delivering a tuk tuk full of food to hungry families just in time for Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese New Year.  We repeated that “Family Food” donation in October, ensuring the hungriest families had enough food to get through the monsoon season.

Unless you’ve lived where there is little, a mattress may not seem like that big of a deal, a bag of rice may lack inspiration, and a fan may seem like an “extra”.  But when you have been sleeping on a thin mat upon wooden slats or your disabled son cannot brush the flies off of his face,  suddenly a mattress and a fan become a big deal indeed. And the food deliveries?  Nobody should go hungry, and when the deliveries target homes with women and children living alone with almost no options or choices for a different future, food becomes sustenance of many kinds.

These are just a couple of stories of how Service with Heart touches the lives that touch ours, creating a ripple effect of Compassionate Action. Knowing there are people who care about you, even if they don’t know you, is the simple premise of Service With Heart–do what you can, wherever you are, and help create a kinder world.

Help Us Reach Those in Need!

The common thread is good people coming together to create a wave of Compassionate Action. Your donation can change lives, and not “someday”, but right now.  Thank you for caring about families you have never met—they are deeply grateful, and we are too!