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Mobile Libraries Bringing Books to Children Living in the Middle of Human-Elephant Conflict

In small villages of SE Asia, subsistence farmers and their children have extremely limited access to books, and in some of the poorest communes where we work, children may be unable to attend school for long.  As we work to turn a history of Human-Elephant Conflict into one of coexistence, the likelihood of sustainable change for elephants increases as educational options for the children expand. When you change the world for one, there’s a far better chance to positively impact the other.

Our 3-wheeled library has waterproof containers filled with books for all ages, reaching far-flung homes and one-room schools in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.  For many villagers, the only transportation they have is their feet, so when a tuk tuk pulls up with books to discover other worlds, stopping traffic is part of the day!

Without books available to the rural communities scattered throughout the mountainous jungle, how can we ask children to envision a life different from farming inside elephant lands if they have no examples of what that different life might be? How can we expect impoverished families to be lifted out of poverty if they have never seen or been exposed to different ways of thinking, learning, or dreaming? Education is key, and especially in areas like these that have no access to the internet, books are the doorway to a kind and compassionate future for all. Thank you for helping us help them create a kinder world!


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