Sri Lankan cabinet approves special herd of 35 elephants for peraheras

Crushing blow…35 elephants will be lost to the criminal network of hand-shaking/back-slapping Religion and Culture.

An appalling decision, and one we will fight…

“The herd would consist of tusker elephants, and male, and female elephants and would be obtained from the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and from the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home.

Minister of Wildlife Gamini Jayawickrama Perera presented the proposal to the Cabinet following reports that there was a shortage of elephants for cultural events including the Kandy Esala Perahera.”

Read more about the latest decision by the Cabinet here. 13731057_901190053326344_8675485512439670529_o

Baby elephants remain trapped in a criminal network

Illegally-captured juvenile elephants remain caught in the crosshairs of a criminal network, cleverly disguised within the folds of Culture and Religion.

They have gotten away with it for a long time—but the stories are being exposed and change is coming as the truth comes to light. As the criminal custody cases continue to be tried one by one, we continue to support, in every way, the work of the extraordinary legal team, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Centre for Eco-cultural Studies (CES).

All of the Ups/Downs/Turnarounds have only served to unite more voices around the world in solidarity for the day when every case has been tried, every illegally captured young elephant is safe, and those that thought we would tire of the fight and give up will be the ones who walk away, startled by the ferociousness of what happens when people learn the truth.

A baby elephant in the wild in Sri Lanka
A baby elephant in the wild in Sri Lanka

Painting Elephants with Friends + Wine + A Good Cause = Activism Can Be Fun

If you live in the greater Portland area in the US, please join us for summer’s first creative fundraiser–register soon, this will sell out quickly.

We’ll paint the elephant of Sri Lanka, or maybe a family of them, photographed from my last trip—only about 200 more snaps to look through until I can choose! And they’re not just “any” Sri Lankan elephants–they’re the ones we’re actively working to save, and your painting can help!

PS You CAN keep your painting of course. OR, you can donate it to our Benefit Auction (at Gallery 903 in Portland’s Pearl District on October 15th, more info soon) and either let another bid on it, or “buy it back” in support of Heart of Ganesh.

When: Friday, September 9th at 6:30pm
Where: Natural Body Works (Downtown Vancouver)
Cost: $40 (includes all paint supplies and wine!)
All proceeds go to Heart of Ganesh!

Jennifer will walk us through a painting of an elephant (from original photos of the elephants Heart of Ganesh is working to save in Sri Lanka), and if you are so inspired, you can donate your painting to our Benefit Dinner Auction coming up October 15th!

Contact the good people at Natural Body Works to reserve your spot – space is limited! Call (360) 694-9726 or stop by!

Poster Paint & Wine Event

The United States has finally banned the sale of ivory

Big News! The United States has, at long last, finalized a ban on the sale of ivory!!!

Did you know that the U.S. ranks as the second largest market for illegal ivory after China? We are so deeply happy that the US is finally willing to stand up for what’s right for the African elephant, and that maybe, just maybe, your kids won’t have to google “What is an Elephant”.

“Our actions close a major avenue to wildlife traffickers,” said FWS Director Dan Ashe in a statement. “We still have much to do to save this species, but today is a good day for the African elephant.”

Read more about it in this article in The Washington Post. 



We owe animals more than a life in captivity

Although this article is obviously about polar bears, each time we exchanged the words “polar bear” for “elephant” the article continued to ring true.Polar bears in zoo

Whether you agree or disagree with zoos, we can think on this: “The only way to really protect these animals is by saving their habitat – and this is something we can all do every single day by simply choosing to‪#‎EatForThePlanet‬.”

“If anything, this image is a harsh reminder that we owe these incredible animals so much more than a life in captivity. We owe them their wild home and a life free from the threat of starvation, boredom, or any other harm inflicted by humans”.