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Baby elephants remain trapped in a criminal network

Illegally-captured juvenile elephants remain caught in the crosshairs of a criminal network, cleverly disguised within the folds of Culture and Religion.

They have gotten away with it for a long time—but the stories are being exposed and change is coming as the truth comes to light. As the criminal custody cases continue to be tried one by one, we continue to support, in every way, the work of the extraordinary legal team, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Centre for Eco-cultural Studies (CES).

All of the Ups/Downs/Turnarounds have only served to unite more voices around the world in solidarity for the day when every case has been tried, every illegally captured young elephant is safe, and those that thought we would tire of the fight and give up will be the ones who walk away, startled by the ferociousness of what happens when people learn the truth.

A baby elephant in the wild in Sri Lanka
A baby elephant in the wild in Sri Lanka
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