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The Cambodian Library, 2 Years on!

Almost 2 years ago we built a much-needed library for the Bunnong children who live in the elephant lands of rural Cambodia. Last year we brought additional books and school supplies for all 137 children and their teachers (as well as school supplies for almost 100 more children in 2 nearby village schools), and this year we’re back again!

Thanks to our extraordinary donors, we’re currently updating the infrastructure of the library inside and out, and the children are reading, reading, reading! Your support also helped us provide basic school supplies to an additional school whose needs are profound. Can you imagine if your child went to school where there is no electricity, no water, no working toilet, a leaking roof, and not enough food in their bellies or even the ability to physically get to school? The road ahead for this particular school is long and the needs complex, but we are so grateful to everyone who has supported our work as we strive to create sustainable positive change for the mostly Bunnong children residing in these vulnerable Putrom Villages.

A very special thank you from the Heart to Franci Blanco and her Happy Hearts Yoga for their generosity in helping us help these children! We could not extend our reach without you! And another special thank you to Kathy Stoyle and Teresa Bishop, whose charitable love allowed us to bring medical supplies to a very special teacher and friend, as well as first aid supplies for mahouts and guides tending elephants in the forest.

Whether we are in Cambodia or Myanmar or Sri Lanka, whether we are working with the kids or the elephants or the dogs, one thing remains clear and constant: Love Conquers Fear, Compassionate Action Changes Lives, and when you Let What Moves You Move the World, miracles happen…

PS Our charitable work in Cambodia is made possible by our donors, but also by the fantastic people of ELIE (Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment). Their Elephant Valley Project is shortlisted for a fantastic grant and needs your vote to win! Check out our last post for how you can help create positive change for elephants, people, and the fragile habitat they all share simply by taking one minute to VOTE!

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