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Stillborn Twins, RIP

Although we remain grounded in Thailand busily working with street animals and Canvassing for Change for cruelty-free practices once tourism reopens, we are deeply saddened to read of the deaths of the “miracle twins”. We usually refrain from posting such things unless there are Action Steps to take for positive change, as the tragedies happening on a daily basis would fill a newsfeed with steady sorrow. But this time we knew we needed to pause, to honor their lives and hold tightly to the hope they brought to so many. There are no answers at this time, only questions, but we cling to the hope they instilled in us by their birth, and with that hope (and sorrow), remain committed with so many of you to continue finding ways to create a kinder world for the innocent animals and their rightful place on this earth. Gone but not forgotten, may they rest in peace.

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