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Preparing for Ganga’s Day in Court

These are the conditions Ganga is currently forced to endure: chained up all alone in the back of an empty lot off a busy street, living on broken cement surrounded by rubbish.

The government of Sri Lanka is deliberately delaying justice for Ganga, refusing to take her into the protective custody of the DWC (Department of Wildlife Conservation). The order was given for her to be taken into Protected Custody in February of 2016, yet corrupted parties continue to delay her court case and thus her rehabilitation.

Her next court date is now set for July 12th, and we’ll be there.

YOU CAN TAKE ACTION, as requested by Ganga’s Legal Counsel:

1. Email the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, pressuring them to ask the government of Sri Lanka to adhere to law and order, and ensure the rights of Ganga as ordered by the Court in 2016.

2. Submit a grievance to the President of Sri Lanka, asking that Ganga be taken immediately into Protective Custody:
Within the form, click:
Organization Type: Top Government
Organization: Presidential Secretariet
District: Colombo

Even if you have already, please continue to submit your grievances to the President and email the Foreign Ministry, so that Ganga may one day live in peace among others of her own kind, to heal her past, and to have a future without pain, fear, and loneliness.

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