It’s Getting HOT!

HOT, or, HoneyBees and Orange Trees, combines planting elephant-deterring citrus trees and installing honeybee hives to create a living, income-producing “living fence barrier” between rural villagers and wild elephants, keeping people AND elephants safe.


img_1344Inspired in 2014 by the results we had supporting Project Orange Elephant, a wildly successful initiative  of  the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, we joined hands with them again, supplying 18 families living in Human-Elephant Conflict hotspots with SLWCS orange trees, providing citrus trees to impoverished farmers, enabling them to create a sustainable source of income with a crop that elephants tend not to raid or trample. A positive action for all!

The more we got to know the farmers and children living amongst Sri Lanka’s wild elephants, the more we knew we had to do more to help ensure their survival–of the people, of the elephants, and of the land.

In February of 2017 we planted another 500 trees! Each “HOT” family received 50+ orange trees, and several “test farms” received bee boxes, as well as ongoing support and training they will need to have successful harvests of both oranges and honey.

 We’re fundraising to implement elements of “HOT” in other countries, eager to see if the similar successful results can be achieved. Solutions that help elephants, people, and the planet–that’s what happens when you combine collaboration and Compassionate Action. 

While we were planting trees last February, we were lucky enough to meet Bethan Knapper, who was working on a documentary for her University. She filmed some of the ongoing work we share with SLWCS, creating a beautiful video project you can view here:  One Land, by Bethan Knapper.


Looking Back: It takes more than a village, it takes several countries! 

While organizing the logistics to implement HOT, we were simultaneously spreading our Humane Tourism campaign with travelers/booking agencies/hoteliers whilst also spending time with the children everywhere we went via The Elephant Love Project.  Meanwhile, 3 boxes from home in the USA were shipped to Sri Lanka, overflowing with more Elephant Love games, bountiful medications donated for the incredibly needy village dogs, and art supplies for the children, so they can share their own stories about the challenges of living amongst wild elephants. 


The future of wild elephants are in the hands of the people who live and work among them — in the end, it will be up to them, and we believe education, empowerment through options and choices, and a foundation of socio-economic support can help turn the tide of HEC for these local families.  With your help, we can help turn a history of Human Elephant Conflict into a future of Human Elephant Coexistence.

You Can Help Right Now

There are so many families, human and elephant, waiting for help! Your donation will help rural families live in peace amidst wild elephants by protecting their farms and creating new sources of income to raise them out of poverty.  This, in turn, helps endangered elephants stay alive, uninjured, and raising their own families by keeping them outside a villager’s crops and inside the National Park boundaries.  Your donation will bring HOT Community Programming into additional HEC countries, expanding outside of Sri Lanka and into areas of conflict throughout SE Asia.  Thank you for helping families of all kinds not just survive, but grow and thrive in peace!

Make a HOT donation today and help us get this blooming and buzzing happening!