THE ELEPHANT LOVE PROJECT: Turning Conflict into Coexistence             

We reach out at the grass-roots level, helping schools, individuals, and families living in the middle of wild elephant territory change a past filled with conflict into a future of coexistence.


When you want to help elephants have a better life, particularly in countries that have known tremendous hardship and suffering, lending a hand to the rural village school is a sound way to shift a past filled with conflict toward a future of coexistence. Although people from around the world help change the future for wild and captive elephants, in the end it will be up to the people who live among them to chart their course, and as anywhere, education is key. To light up the hearts of children, offering options and choices for them and their families inspires and enables a different future for one another, for the animals, and for the mountainous forests they all call home.

Thanks to the good people at Elephant Valley Project Cambodia, Heart of Ganesh was able to supply and deliver much-needed school bags and water bottles to 127 children living in the middle of these elephant lands. Many of these children did not have their own pencils, let alone notebooks, story books, and other basic learning necessities.

The next phase of the Elephant Love Project is already in the works, with wood, sand, and metal set to be delivered to the school in the next few weeks to rebuild the empty library. A cement floor, a proper roof, and sound walls will go in, and then the children will come together to paint their new learning space. Once it’s ready, HG will stock it with books, art supplies, and other educational materials for both teachers and students. A big rumbling thanks to everyone at the school, and trunks up to EVP for generously facilitating. Stay tuned for more good news from the Heart!


Sometimes advocacy is all about play! From reaching out in a classroom in the USA to circling up under a tree in a small village in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia, we share the wonder of elephants and the power of Compassionate Action through art, story, song, and play. Whether it’s playing games with the youngest children, having  thought-provoking conversations and writing stories with those a bit older, or utilizing art and music to work creatively with the very real “elephant story” they ALL live with, the Elephant Love Project empowers kids of all ages to create a kinder, safer world for the animals they live among. 

The “Elephant Love” Memory Game is an originally-produced matching game, created with photos of beautiful wild elephants living in freedom.

From the Cambodian highlands to islands in southern Thailand to the lowlands of Sri Lanka, playing Elephant Love with the kids who will inherit the care-taking of the elephants we’re all trying to save.

Children living in impoverished farming villages will have a safe place to create art to help tell their own stories about living amongst wild elephants. Many of these children have suffered due to crop-raiding/house demolishing elephants, and Elephant Love helps them find new ways to make sense of the unique world in which they live. Every child in SE Asia whom we play our original Elephant Love game with gets to keep a game for their own, and this year we’re adding art and school supplies to the mix.

Dogs need Elephant-Sized Love Too!                         

The Elephant Love Project started with the elephants and the kids, but the dogs in the rural villages we work in made it clear that they were going to be a part of the project too.

In 2016 we expanded our reach to help  the village dogs, virtually all of them in need of either medication, de-sexing, or food and shelter. As we continue to share Humane Animal Education, we’re currently fundraising to bring professional veterinary services to distant villages, sharing the importance of spaying/neutering and suppling the logistical and financial support so that all families can take the best possible care of the animals in their care.

This year we are thrilled to be bringing conversational english classes, art and educational kits, and transportation assistance for health care access to the women and children in HEC areas. Elephant Love know no bounds!





Help Share Elephant-Sized Love!

For Heart of Ganesh, the elephants and the people that live near them moved us from the start. But whatever moves you— from orangutans to whales to the animals in your neighborhood—whatever lights you up can help tip the world in favor of compassion, and rising up for something changes everything. Empowering each individual to Let What Moves You Move the World is the message trumpeted by Elephant Love.