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The New Year is set to bring a New Life to Ganga!

This should go with the "older" post

Two years have flown by since the first steps for Ganga were taken, and those who can change her future have been quietly and tirelessly working the complex logistical maze to ensure that justice is served and freedom prevails.

After spending time this month beside the fine and wise people who can accomplish the unimaginable, I know these are the days to surge forward, rallying for the good and speaking up for Ganga and all of those without a voice, with kindness leading the call to action. Positive energy begets positive energy, and that is the current that Ganga, and so many just like her, deserve to be swept into their new lives upon.

Nothing is for certain of course until it has happened, but every puzzle piece has been put in to place to enable what is right to transpire.

For all of the gentle hearts who have rallied in support of Ganga, please be patient and yet powerful in presence, for some things cannot be played out on social media quite yet, but that will change in the very near future. Stay tuned, for with a little bit of luck, the hard work of many diverse groups and loving individuals will merge, changing the lives of Ganga and other members of her extended elephant family.

May this new year bring freedom and love to many!

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