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If you love elephants, help keep them in their wild homes

The tourism industry is a big part of the problem for elephants and yet the industry can also be a big part of the solution.

The Vietnamese news site, Tuoitre News, published an article this week detailing plans by authorities in Vitenam’s Central Highlands region to import elephants from Thailand or Sri Lanka to boost their declining elephant population in the area. The government hopes to import one or two pairs of elephants from Sri Lanka or Thailand to be bred in Buon Don in the hope of repopulating the herd for tourism and conversation of the local cultural identity. The region’s administration has however previously come under fire for the over-exploitation of elephants, which has led to the death of some of the elephants due to exhaustion while serving tourists.

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If you love elephants, help keep them in their wild homes, even if it means you won’t get that selfie…

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(Photo credit: Tuoi Tre)


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