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It’s not just about the elephant…

We’re in Southern Thailand again, sharing the word about Humane Tourism for the upcoming “high-season” when hoards tourists come to Thailand, many of them not knowing the cruelty endured by many captive elephants in the tourist industry. At the same time, we reach out to the local children, helping them look at the jungle habitat they share with many wild animals with a sense of wonder and awe.  One of the reasons I like spending many months at a time living in the local areas (as opposed to the “tourist” areas) is how it allows me to be a part of the neighborhood, instead of  a nameless face passing through.

Yesterday I was very sad to see that this beautiful snake had been killed, instead of captured and taken deeper into the jungle. No doubt all of the kittens/ducks/chickens wandering about called loudly to his nature. It is the human nature of eradicating what we fear that is difficult to reconcile.

On the bright side, the children and I had a great talk about it all, exploring how to see the wonder and the beauty of all animals, even when they scare us. Then we got our sticks and drew a story in the sand, titled “I don’t want the snake to eat my cat but maybe I’m okay if the snake can live in the jungle”.

Step by step (slither by slither) the future is being written.

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