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It’s New Years Where Asian Elephants Roam

Happy New Year!

suba aluth awuruddak wewa to our friends in Sri Lanka, and sawadee pee mai ka to our friends in Thailand!

Mr. Chat Photo Credit:  Chandima Fernando, SLWCS

For 8 months we’ve been on the ground in the jungles, villages, and cities of Sri Lanka and Thailand, working to create a world where Compassion Trumps Captivity. It has rarely been easy and has often been heart-breaking.

But one thing, over and over again, has allowed us to keep Love in the Lead—the people we’ve met who have changed their minds, opened their hearts, and joined hands to envision a world where elephants have their own intrinsic value and are not held captive for entertainment or financial gain.

We came here for the elephants, but we remain here with such hope and determination for positive change because of the people we’ve met from coast to coast and from one jungle to the next. May this New Year unites us, one by one and all together, until the world we’ve created is the one we dreamed of. Happy New Year!

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