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Ganga to be used in Navam Perahera in February

Navam Perahera—#NotOnMyBucketList

The Long Fight for Ganga’s previously court-ordered release into Protective Custody continues to be openly and flagrantly defied. The cruelty of her solitary life in chains is relentless as her keepers exploit her in the name of religion and social status in a blatant display of political maneuvering.

Just as grievous is with her court case backed up to March 2018, Ganga’s illegal owners will use her in the Navam Perahera at the end of February, the same perahera that paraded her consecutively in 2016 and 2017 despite the long standing court order for her to be taken into the protective custody of the State.

Please, if you are a visitor to beautiful Sri Lanka this February, do not support such cruelty with your tourist dollar. #NotOnMyBucketList

What else YOU can do: 
Submit the simple grievance form to the President of Sri Lanka, respectfully demanding that Ganga be taken into Protective Custody per the Court Order from 2016:

Within the form, click:
Organization Type: Top Government
Organization: Presidential Secretariet 
District: Colombo

Even if you have written during our past campaigns, please write again over the next couple of weeks before the perahera as well as ahead of her March court date, letting the President know that you will not support cruelty with your tourist dollar.

Outrage alone is futile. Action is Everything.

Thank you to everyone who has remained steadfast in the fight for what is right. No matter how disheartening this has been, surely Ganga’s suffering is worth staying the course until she is no longer seen as “Fraudulent Permit #198”, but rather a living, feeling being who deserves far more than she has even been given.

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