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Formally-rescued elephants returned to their illegal captors

AUGUST 1ST, 2017

We are deeply saddened that the formally-rescued juvenile elephants in the protective custody of the DWC have been returned to their captors. Although it is said to be temporary, most likely for 15 days within the Kandy Perahera, what then? No answers are forthcoming at this time.

Just as grievous is the information that it appears Ganga will also be used in the perahera this August. Once again court documents were deliberately delayed to prevent counter action by the legal counsel fighting for the rights of Ganga, and for all of the illegally-held juvenile elephants.

Court injustice has allowed wildlife crime to intensify, a major setback in Sri Lanka for the illegally captured young elephants in DWC custody. The court battle must continue until natural justice is met on behalf of Sri Lanka’s wildlife!
We stand in support of the relentless work being sustained by stakeholders and legal counsel from CES—truly a voice of reason and compassion in the midst of appalling injustice.

As the fight for what’s right continues in court, please, if you are a visitor to beautiful Sri Lanka this August, please do not support such cruelty with your tourist dollar.

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