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The Fight for What is Right continues

Bhanu and Ganga remain stuck in the middle–not where they were, but not yet where they deserve to be. It’s extraordinary that we must fight for the simple rights of any sentient being to simply not be chained and exploited for religious ceremony or entertainment.

But, steadfast, the fight continues. Today’s announcement from the wise legal counsel and extended wonder team at CES:

“COURT UPDATE & VICTORY: 15th July! Baby Ganga and Bhanu!!
Hulftsdorp MC 1: CES legal representatives inform courts that baby eles Ganga and Bhanu have not been taken into custody despite the Order issued to CID and DWC previously!
Magistrate Hon Gihan Pilapitiya instructed CID to enforce the Order with immediate effect!”

Longterm advocacy demands a tenacity of spirit and longevity of inspiration while working within a cruelty that is slow to change. So be it then, Tenacious and Inspired each one of us remain.

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