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THE COLUMBIAN: Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Sounding the trumpet for the elephants

Heart of Ganesh founder and executive director Sundari Sitaram moves thousands of miles from home to help change the future for elephants.  Read more about her journey here: …

If you were to tell Sundari Sitaram three years ago that she’d be spending her 51st birthday on her way to live in a bungalow in rural Thailand, she’d have never believed you.

“I thought living out of your backpack was something you did in your 20s, so it’s pretty funny to be 51 and living in the jungle,” she said.

In October, the former Camas woman sold everything she owned to buy a one-way ticket to a place more than 7,000 miles away from her comfortable life. And though moving across the world was a tough decision, it came down to one thing for Sitaram: the best way to create real change when it comes to the treatment of elephants in Southeast Asia was to be there.

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