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Speaking Out, Rising Up

It takes immense courage to stand up to those who wish to silence all that you do.

And yet in Sri Lanka, the Department of Wildlife Conservation is doing just that–rising up again and again in the face of incredible odds to confiscate the innocent baby elephants illegally captured and cruelly confined by the Wealthy Elite and politically-protected Monks.

In the end, complex legalities of such conflicts decide their outcome, and  much precedes such undertakings.And yet, times are changing and no longer will such cruelties be allowed unabated, no longer will they Temple Ellieremain hidden or glossed over.

So many good people around the world are rising up in the way it works best for their voices to be heard: From legal proceedings to international petitions, from quite literally going door-to-door and talking to whomever might be able to help to creating a traveling exhibit of awareness and education. There are documentaries being made, presentations being given, volunteers working ceaselessly, and countless social media groups forming collectives in powerful numbers. Every bit of it matters, for slowly but surely it is tipping the scale to the good.

And art… Art can tell the truth of a cruel story in a beautiful way. Thank you, Prasad Aluthwattha, for the piece posted above that tells part of the story in ways words never could…

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