The Heart is on the Road Again!

After a truly inspiring and amazing 7 months in Cambodia, we’re on our way back to Sri Lanka. A full schedule awaits, beginning with tracking down and purchasing a wide variety of supplies in the steaming, bustling city of Colombo. Then it’s a tuk tuk, a train, another tuk tuk, a bus, and another tuk tuk to get us deep in the interior of this beautiful country, eager to check on the over 500 trees we hand-planted and bee hives we installed last year, reconnecting with the farmers, families, and friends who received them.

Then it’s back to the schools, and one tiny school in particular, where the 10 students walk a fair distance every day to attend their one-room school, studying their hearts out even though their school has no running water or electricity, so eager they are to improve their lives and change the world for the better. The Principal is a deeply caring man who has asked Heart of Ganesh to stay and help as long as we can, and we’ll do everything in our power to help shift a past of conflict into a future of coexistence for these lovely children living in wild elephant lands.

Ganga’s case returns to court in Colombo on July 6th, so we’ll return to Colombo then as well, in full support of the steadfast Legal Counsel from CES who embodies the core tenant of Compassionate Activism: to Let What Moves You Move the World. No matter the cost, with Love in the Lead, we can all become Activists of the Heart, simply following the call and doing whatever we can, wherever we can, to create a kinder world.


Before, After, and Boundless Compassionate Action in the Middle!

We’ve wrapped up Phase One of our educational projects in the elephant lands of rural Cambodia, and what a wild ride it has been! The people of these lands, the ethnic minority Bunong, have changed from a vague population who live and work in the surrounding forests into families of friends we are committed to for the longterm.

We came here to help the elephants, and we remain here for the Bunong children, for in the end it will be up to them to decide what is worth saving. The future of these forests and its inhabitants, as well as the Bunong culture and their sustaining presence, will be in the hands and hearts of the local children—bringing educated options and creative choices to their villages can change the future for them all.

It’s more complicated than it appears, more complex than it seems, and more political than it should be, but there is so much worthy of conserving here that the challenges fall behind as we look ahead to future projects. Stay tuned for more good news from the Heart!