We owe animals more than a life in captivity

Although this article is obviously about polar bears, each time we exchanged the words “polar bear” for “elephant” the article continued to ring true.Polar bears in zoo

Whether you agree or disagree with zoos, we can think on this: “The only way to really protect these animals is by saving their habitat – and this is something we can all do every single day by simply choosing to‪#‎EatForThePlanet‬.”

“If anything, this image is a harsh reminder that we owe these incredible animals so much more than a life in captivity. We owe them their wild home and a life free from the threat of starvation, boredom, or any other harm inflicted by humans”.


It’s New Years Where Asian Elephants Roam

Happy New Year!

suba aluth awuruddak wewa to our friends in Sri Lanka, and sawadee pee mai ka to our friends in Thailand!

Mr. Chat Photo Credit:  Chandima Fernando, SLWCS

For 8 months we’ve been on the ground in the jungles, villages, and cities of Sri Lanka and Thailand, working to create a world where Compassion Trumps Captivity. It has rarely been easy and has often been heart-breaking.

But one thing, over and over again, has allowed us to keep Love in the Lead—the people we’ve met who have changed their minds, opened their hearts, and joined hands to envision a world where elephants have their own intrinsic value and are not held captive for entertainment or financial gain.

We came here for the elephants, but we remain here with such hope and determination for positive change because of the people we’ve met from coast to coast and from one jungle to the next. May this New Year unites us, one by one and all together, until the world we’ve created is the one we dreamed of. Happy New Year!

Some of What We’re Working to Save

599Many of the pictures I’ve taken or posted of elephants to help tell their stories over the years are incredibly sad, and it’s easy to forget about the beauty we are all working to save! Here is a beautiful reminder from one of our projects in central Sri Lanka, where we work to keep elephant families together in the wild by helping elevate the socio-economic status of the human families who live near them.  When you help one, you help them all…

Compassionate Activism

We’re not just about elephants…

“All of us are prey to the fear that it may be too late, and thus any effort is essentially hopeless. So we learn again that hardest and most rewarding of lessons: how to make friends with uncertainty; how to pour your whole passion into a project when you can’t be sure it’s going to work.


There are thousands of ways to take part. The beauty is that each of us takes part in distinctive ways. Given our different circumstances and with our different dispositions and capacities, our stories are all unique. All have something fresh to reveal. All can help inspire others.”  (Joanna Macy–Stories of the Great Turning)


My inbox is often filled with heartache. So many people writing, struggling in a state of overwhelm, not knowing where to turn as they strive to change what breaks their hearts.I am somebody

I understand. I spent a long time there. It didn’t help.  Even if you didn’t write, you know if you’ve succumbed to the overwhelm in a world gone half-mad…

For all of us at Heart of Ganesh, it was the plight of the elephants that had us from the start, but it doesn’t matter what your Cause Calling is—whether its animal abuse or racism or poverty or trafficking or water rights, and on and on and on the list goes—if we simply fight, but do not allow ourselves to be transformed in the process, then we have missed the bigger picture of Compassionate Activism.

Allow yourself to be transformed through and with the very love that urged you to speak up in the first place—then others too will discover how to transmute the immense suffering of it all into a peaceful heart that can rise up the next day, shining, and do it again.

Whatever your Cause Calling is, do the work there is to do while recommitting daily to the practices that help you remember how to be happy along the way.