Dharma Drone

Music to Support and Inspire Change

This spacious and soothing album is deeply relaxing and centering, and was created to support your calm heart and open mind so you can Let What Moves You Move the World!

DownloadCardPerfect for deep relaxation, yoga, meditation, stress-reduction and holistic health-care, this quietly powerful music was created to support Compassionate Activism, and as a fundraising tool for Heart of Ganesh. 100% of every purchase goes to help elephants and people all around the world.

Dharma Drone grew out of a yoga & meditation program created by Heart of Ganesh founder Sundari SitaRam and artist Patrick Hildreth. The music was designed to create a safe and relaxed space for reflection and renewal, and has been enjoyed in dozens of  yoga and meditation centers, shared in countless massage and holistic health care centers, and has become a powerful tool for managing pain, insomnia, and overwhelm.

From supporting moms during labor to helping parents create a relaxing environment for their kids (and themselves) before sleep, from offering renewing/recharging support for activists everywhere to creating the perfect closure in yoga classes, Dharma Drone is a fantastic gift for friends and family, as well as your favorite therapist, bodyworker or activist.

Not only is this music spacious, relaxing, and deeply moving, it helps save elephants too!

Purchase Dharma Drone on iTunes here.