MoveTheWorldOur Mission

Heart of Ganesh educates and empowers people to take Compassionate Action for captive and endangered elephants, while sharing the power of positive change that occurs when you Let What Moves You Move the World.

We connect and collaborate with individuals and other non-profits who are committed to positive change through Compassionate Action.  We believe every one of us (from an impoverished rice farmer in Sri Lanka to a young child in Cambodia to you, yourself)  has a passageway to rise up and take action, advocating for the elephants who are in dire need of immediate intervention while helping the rural, often impoverished families who live where elephants live. 

From the USA throughout SE Asia, we connect across cultures through grassroots projects and campaigns that get people thinking about — and then taking action for — a kinder world for elephants and people alike. 

Connecting and Collaborating across the Globe

Our hearts are set on co-creating a world where Compassionate Action leads the way!

Although Sundari SitaRam, the Founder and President of HG, works hands-on out in the field in the jungles and villages of SE Asia, such work simply isn’t possible without a strong and supportive home team!  The “Heart Team” in the USA not only keeps the home fires burning bright, but also raises local awareness surrounding the global issues of our work, focusing on awareness, education, and Art-as-Action with all ages, but especially with children.

Sundari implements a variety of campaigns and projects throughout SE Asia, working and living where elephants live in Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.  In Thailand the work concentrates on developing international Humane Tourism campaigns and spreading the Elephant Love Project with many diverse groups and tribal communities, while in Cambodia and Sri Lanka there are two additional focal points:  Better treatment for Temple Elephants, and shifting rural Human Elephant Conflict into Human Elephant Coexistence through a variety of social programs and projects for impoverished families.

In November we begin our most comprehensive projects to date, starting with the expansion of the Elephant Love Project into northern Cambodia with the launch of our “Ellie Exploration” Education Packs, and “108”, a collection of videos 108-seconds long from the children of Cambodia and Sri Lanka, sharing their stories of turning a history of Conflict into a future of Coexistence.  We hope you’ll share the journey with us!